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April 23 :: funny thing:)
А - almost boobs; B - Barely there; С - Can't complain; D - Damn!; DD - Double Damn!; Е - Enormous; F - Fake; G - Get reduction; Н - Help me! I've fallen and can't get up    ... CleoRobinson's Bio Page

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April 23 :: funny thing:)
А - almost boobs; B - Barely there; С - Can't complain; D - Damn!; DD - Double Damn!; Е - Enormous; F - Fake; G - Get reduction; Н - Help me! I've fallen and can't get up    ... CleoRobinson's Bio Page

April 23 :: funny :)
А - almost boobs; B - Barely there; С - Can't complain; D - Damn!; DD - Double Damn!; Е - Enormous; F - Fake; G - Get reduction; Н - Help me! I've fallen and can't get up    ... LuluJacobs's Bio Page

April 23 :: funny thing!
А - almost boobs; B - Barely there; С - Can't complain; D - Damn!; DD - Double Damn!; Е - Enormous; F - Fake; G - Get reduction; Н - Help me! I've fallen and can't get up    ... LoraHall's Bio Page

April 23 :: Funny!!!
А - almost boobs; B - Barely there; С - Can't complain; D - Damn!; DD - Double Damn!; Е - Enormous; F - Fake; G - Get reduction; Н - Help me! I've fallen and can't get up    ... SueWagner's Bio Page

April 23 :: kind of funny :)
А - almost boobs; B - Barely there; С - Can't complain; D - Damn!; DD - Double Damn!; Е - Enormous; F - Fake; G - Get reduction; Н - Help me! I've fallen and can't get up    ... SamiraGarcia's Bio Page

April 22 :: I'm new guys! Welcome me!
Hola guys, i'm Selena, a young latin girl that want to find her nasty side on webcam, have fun, make friends and live the dream wanna know more of me? i wanna know more of you...    ... SelenaStar's Bio Page

April 11 :: sexymom
hi guys have fun...    ... SexyAsshole69's Bio Page

April 7 :: hey boys!!!
hey boys i know i am new here but pls come in my romm and make my day happy...all boys are just passing no tipps no pvt is so sad....come in and feel great together!!!thx sweety kisses:*:*:*:    ... TheresaSkyler's Bio Page

April 7 :: Good to be back :)
I will be on very soon xoxox    ... DallasAmour's Bio Page

Hi Guys .. TIPS FOR SHOW OR PRIVATE IF YOU WANT    ... CutieKate's Bio Page

April 3 :: Guess whos back!
Ive missed you all! I will be on in a few minutes! If I miss seeing you today feel free to shoot me a message and we can set up a time to catch up xoxox :)    ... DallasAmour's Bio Page

April 3 :: last week:D
hey guys!! only 7 days left for me to be online on peeks. i'll keep posting pics and on the blog but i don't think i'll be able tu logg in till 2nd of june. so enjoy our last week together for a couple of month and come to see me on my page :D this weeks scheduall is: 3th: 00-6 am; 4th 22- 06 am, 5th 22 --06 am 6th - idk for sure if i'll be on..but probably from 5 am - 12 pm, 7th- 5 am -12 pm 8th 5am -12 pm 9th 5 am -12 pm and 22pm -6 am :D waiting you to have some fun!    ... MyladyRose's Bio Page

April 2 :: I'm so wild tonight
Im innocent sometimes but can be naughty when needed and most of all wild when I have to let myself go... Join me tonight and lets cum togther    ... VelmaSky's Bio Page

March 31 :: my rules
My room has important differences from many on PeekShows. I'm the girl next door still in sexual awakening. There is hardcore sex in my room,fun & games, sexy teasing & dancing, softcore nudity or activity. Things a first boyfriend would enjoy. This won't change because some insulting moron suggests it, or introduces hateful speech - that sort of thing will get you the BAN HAMMER. If my room does not offer what you want, please move along to one of the many other model rooms that may be more suitable for you. Please also review my tip chart to determine the list of items you may request, and their costs. You can have whatever you like... 200 tokens- Small requests (Blow a kiss, turn around, wink, shake my ass, etc.) 800tokens- Larger requests (Flash, bend over, song requests, etc.) 2500 tokens- Switch outfits,20000 tokens- messenger 40000 tokens- Have my panties. (You choose how you want them) 30000 tokens-Join my S team (Friend add, snapchat, and my special attention) 100000 tokens- Personal Phone # (This is your chance to text/call me). Respect my limits Just because I am a camgirl does not make me your slave. If you ask something in which my answer to you is no, or I seem to not want to answer you, dont press the issue or try to pressure me to do anything I am unwilling to do. Be Respectful. Just try to remember all the things Mommy taught you; ask rather than demanding, and say thank you at the end. Unfortunately, some members try to intimidate, manipulate, demand, pressure, harass, or harm me from time to time. These behaviours are unacceptable and disrespectful, and you will be banned! Just apply common sense and common courtesy and treat a cam girl as you would treat any other woman and you cant go very wrong. Youll be the kind of guy a cam girl would like to see rather than the kind we dread, and youll find your experience is much more rewarding and fulfilling because of it. Dont ask rude, stupid, pointless or prying questions, or those to which you dont really want to know the answer. Dont ask overly personal questions that make me feel uncomfortable and cause me to wonder if youre a creepy stalker. If I do not answer you, do not take it personally, and simply be respectful and understanding of my privacy. Dont try to bargain with me. Do not try to bargain with me or complain about my prices for my merchandise or shows. Cam girls dont just find this annoying they find it personally insulting. You may not mean it that way but when you try to bargain, what I hear is, Youre not worth what you think youre worth. This will probably start us off on the wrong foot right away. If the prices I have set are outside your range, just say No, thank you and move on. Assumptions Theres a common assumption that the exchange of money is proof that cam girls dont care about their guys and that in fact they hold their members in contempt for being pathetic losers who have to pay for it. Now, if you think about it for a minute, this is awfully peculiar assumption. After all, you pay your doctor, or your therapists, or other professionals who provide very personal intimate services, and you dont assume that they dont care about you just because you have to pay for it. I cant think of any industry in which people whom respect and value their jobs despise their supporters. So Id like to put that assumption to rest right now. Im here to have a good time. Youre here to have a good time and I want you to have a good time. So relax, and have one. I prefer to be selective in who I decide to add to my list. You must be a regular, or someone whom Ive developed a love and respect for. The guidelines to be on my friendslist is simple. Be a friend.... Be respectful, be supportive, be selfless, be a good listener, make me smile, tip, accept me for who I am, stay in touch with me, and be around to let our friendship evolve. All the basic things to be a friend really.... And once your there you have true private and private messaging privilages.. Do NOT abuse it. My shows are where I am the most provocative, revealing, and sexy. These shows are a personal creative and sexual outlet for me. I tastefully strip in these shows and prefer the intimate non-demanding atmosphere. Any requests, gratitude,and comments are left in tip notes and are greatly appreciated! These shows are unique. It is like nothing youll ever experienced on MFC. If you are ready to experience something fresh and new, youve come to the right place.    ... SinfulSophie's Bio Page

March 25 :: Lets have fun!!!
Hello my lovely friends! I m very playful today and i m looking for fun with you!)) Lets go to make hot privates:) Kisssssssssssss CherryPiie    ... CherryPiie's Bio Page

March 25 :: My favorite tv show ever
One of my best tv shows i ever watched is Gossip Girl.I wish i could play Serena van der Woodsen role.She is my favourite type of women.She is very good looking and because of this she can always do whatever she wants.Her parents are rich and powerfull people wich can clean all her messes.She goes clubbing,having sex with strangers ,drinking,well Having FUN.She is often seen as a threat to the other girls cause she is mysterious and beautiful ,this makes her a powerfull women,not to mention every man she meets want the end she settles down,every girls dream i guess.Have fun while you are young,then go back to good women.    ... SamiraWolf's Bio Page

March 23 :: ohh my my)))
It was absolutely the best birthday in my life! Guys you.. you rock! Thank you VERY much :) Your simply the best loonies ever :D LOVE LOVE, Bess    ... Bessie's Bio Page

March 19 :: About my beautiful contry!
The names for the nation of Greece and the Greek people differ from the names used in other languages, locations and cultures. Although the Greeks call the country Hellas or Hellada (Greek: Ελλάς or Ελλάδα) and its official name is the Hellenic Republic, in English it is referred to as Greece, which comes from the Latin term Graecia as used by the Romans, which literally means 'the land of the Greeks', and derives from the Greek name Γραικός. However, the name Hellas is sometimes used in English as well.    ... AnthonySparrow's Bio Page

March 19 :: Our way of cooking that everybody loves!!!
Greek cuisine is characteristic of the healthy Mediterranean diet, which is epitomized by dishes of Crete .Greek cuisine incorporates fresh ingredients into a variety of local dishes such as moussaka, stifado, Greek salad, fasolada, spanakopita and souvlaki. Some dishes can be traced back to ancient Greece like skordalia[citation needed] (a thick purée of walnuts, almonds, crushed garlic and olive oil), lentil soup, retsina (white or rosé wine sealed with pine resin) and pasteli (candy bar with sesame seeds baked with honey). Throughout Greece people often enjoy eating from small dishes such as meze with various dips such as tzatziki, grilled octopus and small fish, feta cheese, dolmades (rice, currants and pine kernels wrapped in vine leaves), various pulses, olives and cheese. Olive oil is added to almost every dish. Sweet desserts such as galaktoboureko, and drinks such as ouzo, metaxa and a variety of wines including retsina. Greek cuisine differs widely from different parts of the mainland and from island to island. It uses some flavorings more often than other Mediterranean cuisines: oregano, mint, garlic, onion, dill and bay laurel leaves. Other common herbs and spices include basil, thyme and fennel seed. Many Greek recipes, especially in the northern parts of the country, use "sweet" spices in combination with meat, for example cinnamon and cloves in stews.    ... IzabellaMathews's Bio Page

March 18 :: Winter light in the Greek islands
The light seems never to be full of Greek beauty. In winter, it is still there, bright as always but somewhat sweeter. It revives the winter colors, whilst the mild temperatures rejuvenate the desire for exploration of Greek beauty. If you believed that islands journey through the winter months in solitude, in the sea while reminiscing the lively summers, the time has come to be informed of the opposite. Journey… Corfu, the cosmopolitan Where: The most northern island in the Ionian complex Why: Stands out due to its refined Italian finesse and the cosmopolitan, Venetian character that impresses throughout the year. Renowned globally as the green island of the Feakes and Odysseus’s final stop before returning to his coveted destination, Ithaca. Corfu is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, distinguished by its rich nature, as well as, wonderful attractions.    ... RuthLuther's Bio Page

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