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October 13 :: hi
Guys u will get to know thats I am sweet girl who like sex and enjoy playing with myself:) I love to give and get a real satisfaction! Visit my private and I will show you what I like and can to do with my hot nude body! And bring you a lot pleasure.    ... Varrvara's Bio Page

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October 12 :: kiss
Visit my very erotic and lustful world where all of Your fantasies will come true. I want You to indulge me, explore my body! I'm waiting for You to make sure You will remember me.    ... Bogdanna's Bio Page

September 30 :: HORNY
FUCKING HOT AND HORNY    ... Zantina's Bio Page

September 22 :: Horny and oily...
I took my oil in my basket today.. let's see what we can do with it in private?    ... Aylee's Bio Page

September 15 :: hello dear visitors
I am online right now, come to know me better. I am a happy, naughty girl who is ready to play;) kisses    ... AliviaHill's Bio Page

August 7 :: Toy fun
Hey!! Gonna have some fun demonstrating all my toys,,Whipped cream will be used, oil, and lotion..If I reach my gola, I will be having free shower show tonight..Will take offline tips...Muah..See you tonight!    ... MilfGoddess's Bio Page

July 28 :: hello
hello guys nie to be back agian i am ready for all your fantasise i have toy and i love to use it :P kisses lets have fun    ... YasmyneMay's Bio Page

July 18 :: Giving Her Oral Sex
How often do you go down on your partner before intercourse? And intercourse aside, how often do you engage in oral sex just for the sake of... oral sex? If the numbers are low, I have to say: You and are your partner are missing out. I mean, I know. It can be near-impossible to resist diving in to sexy time penis first. But an intense session of cunnilingus can definitely add something to your intimate life that neither of you are getting from the same old in-and-out. For one thing, giving her oral sex can be a great form of foreplay. Your partner may not have mentioned this to you, but women typically are not ready for intercourse after just one arm caress and a boob grope. They often prefer a warming-up period in order to become physically and psychologically aroused, which, in turn, makes it easier for them to experience pain-free sex and, perhaps, even reach orgasm(s). To make all of this easier, consider placing a pillow or two beneath her pelvis. It will make her hot spots easier to access. Once you're properly positioned, there are a number of things you can do in order to rock her world. First, warm her up by caressing her inner thighs, breathing naturally so she can feel your breath on her clitoris and on the other areas of her vulva. This will help build up anticipation, making her squirm for more as you prepare to really impress her. Then, once you’re ready, begin licking her like an ice cream cone, in long, thick strokes that cover the entire area down there. Let your licks gradually build up in intensity before plunging in fully. Once you’ve reached a certain rhythm, try mixing things up (though you should remain mindful of how she's responding to your touch; if she's finding a specific rhythm or touch particularly pleasurable, she may never forgive you if you suddenly change course) What else can you do down there? Use your lips to kiss her most intimate parts, alternating those particular kisses with smooches on her thighs. Lightly nibble and then suck on entire bits of her skin. The gentle suction will feel incredible, especially if you can still manage to continue using your tongue. Blow softly across her skin, teasing her with the new sensation. Don't be nervous about experimenting with different approaches when giving her oral sex.    ... DirtySecretary's Bio Page

June 26 :: celebrating 2 years on peeks ( with a loong break but still 2 years)
heeeey guys! exactly one year since my last contest in here happend! so... why not to make an other one?!?! So, as usual, here are the rules: top 3 high tippers (total amount of tip) will get a photo session on the beach ( new one) beside that, any person that spend more than 66 666 tokens till 15th of july will get a naughy video Start contest!    ... MyladyRose's Bio Page

June 19 :: funny
Hy guys ., today i am a bit drunk ... hope you like my time here online    ... KinkyTony's Bio Page

June 12 :: My first day
Hello my honeys! Thank you for being so sweet and understanding on my first day at PeekShows :) Loved playing with you in private and moving my hips for you in open chat. I would love to do more so come see me again, hope to see you all soon so we can have fun and be naughty together ;) P.S. I hope to get more toys and outfits in the next few days to make our time together unforgettable ;) Kisses your Eva XOXO    ... EvaLatin's Bio Page

June 3 :: come on me n try me on my........
try me on my hot body...    ... CuteKissy's Bio Page

May 31 :: Tips
Tips aren't required, yet they are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.. CANT WAIT TO FULFILL YOUR FANTASIES BOYS.....see you all with nice hot cocks in my steamy private sessions...    ... Tasha's Bio Page

May 16 :: Spanking
“You’re late.” He was at the top of the steps, scowling, as I got out of my car and hit the button for the garage door. I flicked my eyes to the clock on the dashboard – 6:00pm, nothing unusual. He was still wearing dress clothes, but his tie was loosened and the top button of his shirt was undone. “Were we supposed to go somewhere? Did I miss something on my calendar?” I asked as I stepped up to the door. He didn’t answer – just narrowed his eyes, wrapped his hand around my upper arm and pulled me off balance and into the kitchen. “I don’t like to be kept waiting,” he said calmly, in total contrast to how roughly he yanked me across the room to the kitchen table. He was walking fast enough that I could barely keep my balance and my pulse kicked up a notch in warning. This wasn’t my normal man. He sat in a chair that was already drawn out from the table, facing the door, as if he’d been sitting there watching and waiting. I feared there was some sort of misunderstanding and he was angry about something I had done. I could be a flirt – but had he heard a rumor that I’d done something I hadn’t? Something that crossed the line? The fear over his odd behavior ramped up a notch – since I’d met him he was the only man who held my interest. Was this one of those ‘we need to talk’ moments that ends a relationship? Instead of letting me pull out another chair for myself he pulled me down with him as he sat, so my face was close to his. His eyes were hard as he looked directly into mine. “Safe word?” In that instant the churning in my stomach dissolved. We were playing, thank god. I hesitated, then came up with a word: “Friday,” I whispered. He nodded, then narrowed his eyes and thinned his lips into a scowl. “ Set your bag on the floor and lay across my knees.” “Now!” he barked when I hesitated. I set my bag down and lowered myself so that my belly and pelvis rested on his lap, arms and legs draped to either side. He threw one arm over my back so I couldn’t move and reached down with the other to remove my shoes. The contrast of the arm pinning me to his knees so that a button in my blouse dug into my chest and the gentleness with which he removed the shoes was unnerving. His hand traced up the back of my leg to the hem of my skirt; a delicious slide of skin on skin that gave me goose bumps and made me hum with pleasure under my breath. Then he yanked my skirt up over my waist and slapped my ass cheek- hard. I yelped, a completely inarticulate noise of surprise. “It’s about time that you understood it’s not acceptable for you to keep me waiting.” I was still sure that I hadn’t missed anything, nor was I late. I was just starting to voice a protest when his hand landed squarely on the other cheek, even harder than the first, and I gasped and struggled in his lap as the burn settled in. “Don’t fight with me – that won’t make this go any better for you.” The pressure on my back increased so that another button dug into my belly and I stilled. He followed up with another two rapid smacks, one on each cheek. I hung my head, closed my eyes and fisted my hands as I tried to lie pliant as he directed. His hand rubbed across the heated spots on my ass through my panties and I stifled a moan; he rained another quick round of sharp slaps, until I was whimpering and squirming again. His fingers flirted with the lacy edges of my panties, then lifted one side up and cool air rushed over my heated skin. This time he was the one who gave a hum of pleasure as he manipulated the fabric and pulled it taut against my pussy lips. The rough pressure caused me to wriggle again and my attention switched from my burning butt cheeks to another sort of heat building in my crotch. He see-sawed the fabric of my panties so they rubbed against my clit and I moaned for him again; at which point he stopped. With the fabric still taut he kept my butt cheek exposed and wedged the panties into the crack of my ass. Then he yanked the other side up and wedged it in place as well. I couldn’t tell what he was up to when suddenly another smack landed squarely on one cheek. “Ow!” I yelped. The burn of skin on skin was more intense. I wouldn’t have guessed that my thin panties offered that much protection. He chuckled above me and then ran his fingers in soft circles over the mark he’d just made. Each time he touched me softly I was getting more aroused, and the panties were still putting pressure on my clit. I started to grind myself into his lap when another sharp slap stopped me abruptly. Tears came to my eyes and I let out a gasp of breath. “This is punishment, not pleasure. Are you getting them confused?” His voice was mild, as if we were having an everyday conversation. “I…” Another smack landed on my ass and I gasped, my thought completely forgotten as the burning pain washed through me. “That was a rhetorical question. I don’t really care what you think; I just want you to feel.” His hand was gentle on my ass again, stroking, and I relaxed into his lap. His hand traveled closer and closer to the junction of my legs and I could feel the moisture soaking into the fabric bunched there. “Spread your legs for me.” I did, as much as I could balanced on his lap the way I was. He pinched my inner thigh, hard, and I jolted. Then he pushed his hand between my legs and forced them further apart. He slipped a finger under the taut fabric and traced my pussy lips. I moaned and rubbed against him. “Be. Still.” He commanded, then continued the exploration of the wetness he found there. I bit my lip and dug my nails into my palms as I tried to follow his command, but every movement of his fingers was sending a thrill of pleasure through me. His finger found my clit, swollen and hot, and he circled it slowly. Not being able to move was killing me, and I whimpered. At the sound his hand stopped and traveled backward, to flick just barely inside my cunt. Then plunged it inside – deep – sliding easily through the wet. “Oh, god” I moaned and thrust back against him. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. He rubbed the pad of his finger against my g-spot and I writhed on his lap. The pressure was building inside me and my breath was coming in short gasps as he alternated between rubbing and thrusting his finger in and out of my cunt. I was close, so close, when he stopped. “You’re enjoying this far too much.” I arched into him as he thrust his finger deeply into me, then out and away. His arm clamped tightly over my shoulder blades again and another sharp slap landed on my ass. I’m not sure what I yelled – but it was a mixture of pain and frustration. “Safe word?” I thought about it. If I used it so we stopped this now, would he give in and fuck me and let this mother of orgasms take me over? “Tell me.” His legs were tense underneath me and he’d stilled completely. “No, it’s ok.” I’m not even sure where those words came from, but I was caught up in the experience so why not go all the way? This was my fantasy after all. “All right then. Lie still. Don’t move an inch.” The pressure on my shoulders lifted and he shifted underneath me. I broke the rules to crane my neck over my shoulder to see what he was doing. He was unbuttoning his shirt cuffs and rolling the sleeves up. Uh-oh. He reached behind him on the table and had my hairbrush in his hand. He showed it to me, and gave it a little test swoosh in the air. I felt the blood drain from my face a little. So far I only knew what his hand felt like on my ass, how would this feel? Sharper, more focused pain was the answer. I could feel the exact oval shape of the back of the brush as he tapped it sharply against me. He didn’t stop with the blows like he had with his hand and they got steadily harder, moving from one cheek to the other. Tears welled in my eyes again and I tried to stick with his rules and not move but I knew I was whimpering. The heat from my near orgasm earlier wasn’t gone, but was muted. I could feel each blow in my cunt as well as my ass, but it was a constant rather than building to a finale. I was breathing hard again, as the brush smacked against my ass in rhythm. The pain had nearly gotten overwhelming even with the burn I was feeling everywhere in my groin and I choked on a sob. He hesitated above me – and the next blow was half-hearted. I wasn’t the only one who’d reached my limit. “Friday” I whispered. He immediately shifted his weight, released my shoulders, and set the brush down behind him. I was free to move as I pleased. I took a couple of deep breaths and shifted so that the buttons weren’t digging in anymore. His hands traced my shoulders. “Are you ok?” “I just need a minute.” “Ok.” His hands trailed down my back in soothing circles until he reached my ass. He tugged gently on my panties, trying to rearrange my clothes and caused a wave of pleasure to jolt through me. “Oh…” I moaned and pushed my hips into him. He tugged again and my breath quickened. I couldn’t stop rubbing my groin on his lap. He slipped his hand between my legs and cupped my pussy, rubbing gently. “Harder” I was overwhelmed by the sensations that came back so quickly. He slid one finger into my cunt that still sopping wet, and I whimpered as he found my g-spot. I couldn’t catch my breath as he massaged it with one finger, then withdrew to slide two back inside me. I was thrashing on his lap as the orgasm overtook me, my entire body trembling as I moaned. His fingers continued to move inside me after I had crested and my body jerked in small spasms against him. I was sure it was all too much when I was pulled into another wave of orgasm, this one rolling over me gently unlike the last violent crest. My moan was long and drawn out, fading to silence on a long breath as he pulled his fingers out of me and I lay draped over him, spent. I was feeling dizzy with all the blood that had pooled in my head as I lay over his lap having rushed elsewhere and I tried to get my feet under me to get up. He steadied me as I sood, then pulled me down to sit on his lap when it was clear I wasn’t going anywhere under my own power any time soon. I leaned against him, wincing as my butt settled on his thighs. “Sore?’ “Yeah, a little.” He made a little harrumph noise. “Ok, more than a little.” “I think you’ll have bruises, that brush was a little brutal.” “I didn’t like the brush so much,” I admitted. “Ok, we won’t do that again then.” “But the rest of it… yeah…” “It’s been challenging – you haven’t worn a skirt to work in over two weeks and I wanted to keep you in suspense for as long as possible this first time. Ordering you to drop your pants would have been a real giveaway.” “It was worth the wait.” I tilted my head to kiss the corner of his mouth. “Thank you. It worked.” I SMILED , HE DID THE SAME:p    ... MayaJoy's Bio Page

May 8 :: Im so horny right now!
My pussy so wet right now and i need to be fucked.. Join me lets cum together guys :)    ... Adeliy4fun's Bio Page

May 5 :: Lets fuck)
Guys why do u think girls r sex machines and should show u this and show u that? Try to turn on or at least not turn off girls when u enter the room)) Want to play?" Make me want u and lets go to pvt)) If u ask anything to do in public its already not polite)) i show here what i consider to show u like it or not)) Have fun))looking for u in privates))    ... JoeyRed's Bio Page

April 20 :: hi
hello    ... dahyelee's Bio Page

April 14 :: New to the site
Be sure to check me out. Taking requests. You wont be disappointed.    ... June's Bio Page

April 11 :: Hey sexy guys
hi ya..I am coming back to peks after many monts..I look forward to havin a good time and meeting a lot of new ppl...Muah!!    ... MilfGoddess's Bio Page

March 22 :: Troublemaker...Yeah that's me!!! :)
   ... SexxxyJenny's Bio Page

March 20 :: Wow!
Hewwwlloo All In the mood looking here BF wish have love :)))    ... xKristalx's Bio Page

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