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August 29 :: i have a heat lover body
My body ... like yours i guess, is a heat lover. I crave after the sun light on my skin like I crave for your kisses all over my body. Is is natural to wish heat ... sun heat, your hands heat that caress my neck, legs, face, ass, hair ... and your lips over mine. The summer day ... the summer nights ... what special moments I can have then with you. Romantic moments, sexy moments ... unforgettable. Can you imagine you and me, our body becoming one? I can. Because i crave for your touch, eyes on me, smeling my parfume on my skin and of my blonde hair. When summer comes, the weather is hot like me. I enjoy so much to sweat when i dance for you. It is like you are next to me and you make me sweat having great times togher. After that to have a shower and you come and look at my body how i wash it. Then to invite you next to me so you contiunue there, to the shower ;) the second orgasm is so much better. I bet you can give me at least 2 orgasms and than you taste me how sweet i am. :*    ... LindseyRoselin's Bio Page

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August 29 :: some days at the seaside
I went for some days at the seside ... I love swim in the sea and to lay on the beach chair to feal the sun ligh on my skin. I've spent some plesent days with some friends at the BlackSea. The whater was ok. Not such worm (like I ;) ) but it was ok. Great for a cool bath after sun heated me. Not only the sun heated me ... in the nights, in the clubs, the dance had the same affect. Unfortunately in the night i missed that i haven't had man to cool me ;) I bet you would like to hear some naughty stories ... well, maybe if i would had been with you at the seside we would have had a looooot. I can give you some ideeas: night on the beach, night and even day in the sea, long walks. Its plesent to feel the waves on my legs while i walk on the'shore. The feelings for sure it would had been more plesent if i would had a man arms around me on that walks. The night life, in the clubs was great ... also were moments when insteed of dancing some action in "bed" was needed :D    ... LindseyRoselin's Bio Page

August 25 :: i need bf.. just my dreams about him
Whilst our lips are locked, enjoying the taste of the others mouth, we both start feeling each other through the material of our clothes. He unhooks my bra with my shirt still on letting it fall revealing my tight breasts. My nipples are hard clearly showing through my shirt. I reach for his crotch where I grab his junk with my hand letting him give a little moan into my mouth. With each time I rub his dick growing hard through his shorts, he takes my nipples and pinches them making me horny for more. As we pulled away from each other, he rushed to take my shirt off revealing my large breasts immediately taking my right boob into his mouth lapping his tongue all over my nipple while using his other hand to unbutton my pants.....    ... MarianSky's Bio Page

August 22 :: Surprise Visitor !
Sorry guys. .. I had planned to be online 3 nights this week but my uncle flew into town and surprised me !!!! I might be able to log on for a couple hours Saturday night , but not for sure. ... If not I'll be back next week.... WOWWW! I can't believe I've been gone OVER 2 weeks !!!! Hugs and tons of kisses to you all:)))) Miss you bunches:)) Love Bri xoxo    ... Briannaa's Bio Page

August 20 :: Glad to meet you!
Hello Everyone! I'm so excited to be here! I look forwards to having mucho bueno fun with all that want to play! Just let me know what fluffs your lust and I will give you my all to satisfy your special needs. See you Soon!!    ... JiggiLotus's Bio Page

August 20 :: Just got back in town from My Vacation In Cali :))))))))))
Hi guys :) Just got back from Cali last night.. :) I was there for over a week and all through my Bday !! Had such an awesome time staying at the beach house and the dogs had a blast there too !! It was so beautiful and relaxing staying right on the beach :) I couldnt have asked for a Better Vacation or a better Birthday !!! I FEEL SO LUCKY :)))))))))))) I usually work on peeks for about 6 hours a week TOTAL For instance ... This week i will be online Thursay from 9-11pm Friday from 9-11pm Sat from 10-12am Catch me while you can ,as most of you know im not around much anymore due to being so busy with my business now, which has taken off better and sooner than i ever expected :))) YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!! Its better to make an appt for a show, that way you wont miss me , because im only around for about a total of 6 or 7 hrs per week ... Hope to see you soon ... :) To those who have been missing me, just check my schedule and send a message to set up a show within that time ... Also, the nights I am on, i have a standing 1 hr show each night that i am on peekshows and i usually start that show around 9 or 10 and then im gone for the night.... Hugs and Tons of Kisses Love , " A very Relaxed and Blessed" Bri xoxoxo Hugs N Kisses

   ... Briannaa's Bio Page

August 19 :: Do you miss me! my lovers!
ha! Hi guys! I wanted to thank you for been so nice with me. I love that you enter to my room and entretain me with your jokes, pvt shows, tips, etc, etc. sometimes I look serious but my face is like that ha! remenber, I am getting old, I get tired easily ha! miss you all, sorry, I have been away for a while. but I will be online tomorrow for sure. dont miss me to much! xoxo    ... calypso's Bio Page

Super Happy Dance Im gonna be on late tonight and only for about an hour or so .. I got surprised with a HUGEEEEEEE Birthday Present that was delivered today !!!! OMFGGGGGGGG AND I MEAN HUGE :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Im so so soooooooooooooooo EXCITED !!!!! This is gonna be the BEST BIRTHDAY EVERRRRRRRRRR :))))))))))) Hugs and Kisses Love Bri xoxoxo    ... Briannaa's Bio Page

August 12 :: all yours...
Let me tease you, let me strip for you so i can get your cock very hard and then we can get it on! We can do anything you like. Show me your cam and we ll cum together. Toys, role play, deep throat.. anything you desire. I m all yours.    ... PlayFullKate's Bio Page

August 12 :: hey guys!
Beautiful hot lady, innocent look but dirty minds, horny as hell! This is what you will get if you enter in my private show. Canít help playing with myself, but I want to be watched by a horny gentleman like you    ... Tifany4U's Bio Page

August 10 :: Today's PastieTip Contest
Thank You all so much for all the love today!!!MUAH! (o)(o)    ... ChloeBaby's Bio Page

August 1 :: Feisty Friday
Ello Loves, Second day signed on & it got a little heated today. Chatters fighting over me. Calm down gents. There is enough of me to go around. But I'll let you in on a little secret, you don't have to share me. Have the luxurious experience that you want, something more intimate. Feel free to enter me...I mean enter my privates...I mean enter my private chats. lol Well I hope see you all when I log back on. xoxo, Noelle Derriere    ... NoelleDerriere's Bio Page

August 1 :: Wooooo Hoooo !!! Winner of the Peekshows Best Ass Contest :)))))))))
Super Happy Dance animated american flag photo: American Flag 398x224.gif
Yayyyyyyyyyyyy !!! The American Bri Team Takes the Win !!! WOOOOO WOOOOOOOOT :))) It was a fun fun night !! Thank you all so much for helping me win the " BEST ASS" contest last night ... I had TONS OF FUN singing all night LMFAOOO !!! WE rocked out hard !!! YEAH BUDDY :)))))))) Hugs and tons of kisses LOve Bri xoxoxooxox    ... Briannaa's Bio Page

August 1 :: ALL I CAN SAY IS WOWWWWWWWWWW :))) and ...........
Super Happy Dance animated american flag photo: American Flag 398x224.gifBriannaa's Bio Page

July 30 :: "How did you learn to love cocksucking?"
That's no secret, that I do, just haven't told anyone how I learned. It happend with my first boyfriend! I can't remember exactly how it happened the first time.I know that I asked him if I could spend the night. Anyway, he agreed, and after supper Saturday, with a bundle of bedding and my toothbrush, I went to his door. He smiled, glancing at my bedding, but didn't say anything about, just saying that he hoped I would be comfortable on the couch. We had a beer and watched TV and said goodnight. Realizing that I had forgotten pajamas. I quickly spread out my bedding and got under the covers in my panties and polo shirt, without my bra. Then called to him goodnight. He called back that he would make breakfast, and said goodnight. I slept well enough, but awoke early, being in strange room. But I started to visit him a lot, usually after I would have finished my classes at the university. So, yeah..lots of stuff happend while I was staying at his flat...I had to play with my pussy sometimes. Then I realized that some nights his shower took a lot longer. Yeah, that was when I played with my pussy, while he was in the shower, how I recognized that it sometimes took longer. That didn't bother me, to the contrary, it let me enjoy myself better, but, of course, I wondered about why, until it occurred to me that he might be doing the same thing. Then one evening, when I recognized that his shower was going to take longer, I managed to take my hands off my pussy. I couldn't stand this any longer, and went and sat on the toilet in my shorty nightgown. His shower was taking longer. Whatever I had been thinking till then, I suddenly realized that he was going to open the shower curtain and suddenly see me there -- with his cock still a little arouse?! I waited. Didn't seem like he was really washing. He turned off the water, and I flushed the toilet. "What are you doing here?!" he asked. "Had to go again," I lied. "You shouldn't be here." "I'll give you your towel," I replied and reached out and caught the corner of it, pleased that I could, and tossed it over the rod. "Thanks, he mutter, then repeating: "You shouldn't be here. Why?" "Had to go." "I don't believe you. Why?" He was drying himself behind the shower curtain. I hadn't planned this, whatever I had been thinking before, but I had to say something: "This is silly, you 'washing' yourself, while I'm in bed doing about the same." "You do? You know?" he muttered. "You weren't supposed to be here," he muttered, adding: "And certainly not to tell me that, if I understood you correctly." "Too late now," I replied, realizing that he must be able to see that my nipples had popped out."Very naked," he murmured, his eyes perusing me. Then they met mine. He smiled a little apologetically and murmured: "Venuses don't stand like that." "Told you before, I'm not one." "But could be." "Flattery will get you nowhere; I'm already there -- here." I glanced down at his dripping cock and added: "You need a towel, probably both of them," and handed him the one still in my hand. He began to dry himself, unselfconsciously drying cock and balls, flopping them around. Since he didn't say anything, I returned to what I had said and murmured: "Anything you want. I can learn. Hmm? Not even sure what 'anything' could be." I moaned, feeling like a cat purring, and felt my thighs twitch together. He also moaned with an aroused expression and dropped the towel. Two aroused, naked persons standing so close together, drawing deep breaths. We both moved, just a step each, as our arms reached out, and we embraced. I felt his cock press against me and hoped he was aware of my stiff nipples against his chest. We kissed, and his cock pressed harder. He drew his hips back and let it spring up, and we held it between us. Finally, we retrieved our tongues. We went to his bed. I flung back the covers, and he lay down, his wonderful cock bobbing over his hair. My first real man's cock in my hand, about to sink into my aroused pussy! He nodded again with that aroused expression and reached up to hold my breasts. I thought I knew where my vagina was, but had to rub the head of his cock a little to find it, then with a groan, my hips sank down and forced his cock up in my tight pussy. He squeezed my breasts and then fondled my nipples, making my pussy squeeze his cock. He nodded with another moan. "Rock your hips, do anything that feels good," he murmured. God, he was great, recognizing my inexperience! I rocked my hips to and fro. It felt so good, feeling his cock moving a little in me, but enough to make my pussy clutch it and make it twitch; no wonder he wanted me on top. With some hesitation, he asked me if I knew about oral sex, and I told him that I knew that it was something he could do and that I could do, just in those words. He said that he loved to do it, and I said something about loving anything he could do with my pussy. As I was moving down between his legs, he told me that it was very selfish of him to want me to suck his cock. He didn't say it with those words, but I understood that he must know that it would be especially good for him.With that positive attitude, I was eager to do it. I wanted his cock in my mouth, wanted to caress it with my tongue, was so delighted and pleased when he moaned, especially when my tongue discovered that funny sensitive spot behind the head of his cock. I hadn't really seen a cock before, didn't know it was there. Oh, it was good! I just loved it, the way it felt in my mouth and on my tongue and that it aroused him so much.His licking my pussy too, of course. Each of us was just wanting the give the other one pleasure, selflessly, but he loved to do, and I was learning that I did too. I already knew the feeling of his cock twitching in my mouth, and then his hips rocked up once. It must be getting better for him, I thought. The moans I heard also sounded more aroused. A few seconds later, his hips rocked up again, and then again after a few more seconds. I thought it was like how my hips moved before I gave myself an orgasm. That was so arousing, the anticipation, the promise that I was going to have one. Then his hips began to twitch up in closer sequence -- like mine did. It was going to happen! I was going to give him his orgasm! If he had had any control of his hips till then, suddenly he obviously didn't. He groaned, and his hips thrust his cock deeper in my mouth, and a great shot of his semen hit the back of my throat, I tried not to bite his cock as I had to swallow, and then more shot in my mouth. So much, so good for him! I loved it, that I could make him come so much! Oh, it tasted strange, of course, but I had wanted it, maybe didn't want it to taste that strange, but since it did, I wanted it to, wanted to like it. Like I still do.    ... MayaJoy's Bio Page

July 29 :: Wild Child
Every once in a while I get a wild child streak going. I party and drink and dance my life away until I feel like I'm free again. Dancing just makes me feel like I'm one with my body and I gain so much confidence. I'm a fun and outgoing kind of girl who likes to get her hands dirty once in a while. I can't wait to see what kind of craziness I can get into on here! xoxo Diamond (the newbie)    ... BlackDiamond2's Bio Page

July 21 :: Wonderful orgasmic night
I m adorable and because I am sure I can make you laugh and feel good in a few seconds+ I m cute enough OH and Some people tell me I have a "Short temper", I prefer to call it: " A swift and assertive reaction to bullshit". Here are some of my thoughts..maybe u ll like to make then true:P Lying down, I close my eyes to except slumber into my bed...Then gently I feel a tingling running up my legs. I open my eyes to see you there, Naked and wonderful perched between my legs. You reached up and grab a handful of that thick hair and pull down. Exposing my soft, subtle neck. You snarl quietly as you press your fangs into my neck. I am stiffen at first, then relaxing as I succumb to your strength. Helpless, You ease me down and my back against the bed...Exploring my neck and shoulders with your mouth and tongue. You trace a route with your fingers down my neck, across my chest and between my breast. circling your fingers around my nipple. Teasing it. You cover my breast with your mouth. Hot and wet I feel you suck on my nipples, nipping seductively at them.I try to bring MY hands down around me, but you snatch my hands by the wrist and produce a set of steel cold hand cuffs. Moonlight from the window illuminates the metal as it's light penetrates the darkness. The look you give me now excites me.You cuff my hands to the frame of my metal bed. Two soft clicks and I am bound. Now you can do anything you want to me. This body is yours to explore, please and conquer. You began at my wrist. Kissing gently. Following the path down to the shoulder. Suddenly you bite hard against me. I squeal in pleasure. Your hands cover my breasts, massaging and firmly squeezing them. Cupping them and running your tongue from underneath to nipple. Sucking and nipping. By now, Your cock lays thick and heavy on top of my stomach. Throbbing, begging to be touched. You straddle over me and let your cock hover right above your face. Playfully I stick MY tongue out, ready for a taste. You lay it across my lips as I eagerly take u into my mouth and suck hard. You move now down between my breast, further down my stomach make a small stop at your navel. Kissing it, once...twice. As you get closer to between my legs you inhale my parfume and it fills your lungs greatly and makes your cock throb even more. You strike out with your tongue. Testing and tasting that clit. you rub circles around it bringing it to swell. Now that you have my attention, you move on and run your tongue between my wet folds. Gently moving them back and forth. I begin to rock my hips, you can read my signals. YOU plunge your tongue into my sweet pussy. Rotating in a circle while using the edge of ur upper lip to cover my exposed clit. I AM surprised that you can work both pleasure spots simultaneously. Rocking my hips against ur face you continue to pick up speed. My face is turned against my arm. Eyes clamped shut and my face is scrunched up...I am going to cum soon. YOU slow your speed. You want me to savoir this. You cover my clit with your mouth and suck, clasped between your lips is that swollen clit and you rub your tongue against it. I gasp! muscles go tight. Ahhhh! I scream in ecstasy as you continue to gently lick my clit. Waves of pleasure run through body. All of my pent up energy has been washed away in this blissful moment... My chest rises and falls heavy with breadth. My breast are firm and alert. I murmur little sounds of pleasure. You kiss my clit one last time. You remove the cuffs and I feverishly go for YOUR cock. My hands try to contain it fruitlessly. I bring it into my mouth and run your tongue around your swollen head. Down the shaft I run MY tongue and mouth. "I want too fuck you so bad..." You say and grab me and turn me around, You press my face against the pillow and pull my sexy ass up. Wet, you stare and that pussy...and you plunge forth, just the tip as first. The air leaves my lungs as I gasp. After my orgasm this is almost too much for me to bare. Slow and easy you slide that cock in. More and more of it with each thrust. Moans of pleasure escape my mouth. You wrap your hands around my hips and pull me into you with each thrust. I am unable to contain my vocals. Moaning and squealing with pleasure. I move MY body in rhythm with your thrusts. Eagerly accepting each entry. Suddenly you grab my hair and pull hard. Pulling my head back. You`re fucking me harder now. Increasing your speed and force. Pounding into me with abandonment. Holding nothing back. Harder and harder. I grab handfuls of the sheets as if that will help to brace MYSELF. Your cock fills my pussy to the limit with each thrust, but I can't make YOU stop, wouldn't want to make you stop at this point. "More, More...fuck me with that cock, ooohhhh." I breathlessly whispered with each hard thrust. You turn me over and you are on top of me, covering my body with yours. Hands down around MY ass, grabbing and squeezing. Holding me close to you. Our mouths come together in a clash. Hot and heavy we battle with our mouths. You slip inside my welcoming warmth and You fuck me harder and harder. I see your face, eyes closed and twisted in pleasure. I know YOU ARE going to cum soon.You spray hot cum all over my body. Sprinkling my stomach, breast, neck. You collapsed onto me. Enjoying your warm naked body against my own. We lay there caressing each others bodies and drinking in each others company...    ... MayaJoy's Bio Page

July 18 :: My sexiest experience
Well, my sexiest chat experience involved a fantasy about having sex with a stranger. We discussed about what happend during my sex experience with the stranger and why I chose him.I started to tell him how things went along and this is exactly what I told him about my meeting with the stranger guy: " I met him in a fancy club, I could not get my eyes off him, his body made me think soo dirty and naughty....I could feel my pussy getting wet just looking at his ass. I went to him and I slapped his ass. Hhehehe...he was soo surprised..he offered to buy me a drink. Lets just say that the drink took us home, at my place. I was sooo horny..I have not had sex since I broke my with my ex. I slowly pulled off my dress as he was watching me.. then all of a sudden he started to kiss me , he had demanding lips and fingers. He's kissing me and touching my pussy, making sure I'm wet enough.I undo his belt and unzip his pants. His dick just popped up and out, he was hard as a rock! He pulled his T-shirt and pants off and pushed me,(gently), back on the bed.I crawled up and trust my wet pussy into his face and I looked down at him, his eyes shut sucking my clit passionately while I was riding his face.... it felt so good and I squirted all over his face. I turned around and my pussy juices were dripping in his face and I started to suck his hard cock ... and he continued to thrust his tounge into my pussy, I was getting so turned on again!!! He pushed me off his face and led me to the side of the bed where he bent me over and slid his cock inside of me and started fucking me, slowly then hard and fast.... after a few minutes he turned me around and pushed my legs up in the air, while I was playing with my clit..I came again!!!! Then i started to suck his cock ...omg I love doing that..after a few minutes he came in my mouth. Heheheeh in a few words we had amazing first time sex!!!! Chatting about this kinda of stuff always makes me horny and ready for more..I usually like to talk about what we are about to do in bed before actually doing turns me on sooo much!!!!!    ... MayaJoy's Bio Page

July 16 :: My little diary :))
Dear diary, My name is Denisa but you can call me crazy girl or Miss trouble maker :)) haha.. and i bet you ll find out why. I wont tell you my age...but i ll tell you that i finished this year my Phd in biochemistry field...and YES is true...i was a nerd but i like to call myslef a sexy nerd...hihihi. I m a funny girl, i love music( all types so feel free to ask all types of music that you wanna listen in my room). In general when i m online i like to have attention fun doesnt mean to get naked ...sometimes i do naked oil shows in public chat but depends....and again i bet you know what means that. Oh oh..i forgot to tell you...i live in Russia but i speak english, french and some german language so for sure we will understand eachother. More things about me? well...dunno..ask me and i promise i ll be honest.    ... DesireDenisa's Bio Page

July 11 :: Burning desires
I want to sit you on the bed and slowly undress you, savouring each part of your naked body. Kissing you softly on your neck, teasing your ear with my moist tongue. Moving gently down your chest, leaving long lingering kisses all the way down to your navel, your body tingling with anticipation. I softly stroke your inner thighs, my hair running along your chest, I tell you how much I want you.... how much I want to feel you inside me. You cant wait any longer. You begin to undress me, undoing each button frantically to reveal my lacy black bra. You kiss my neck and I can feel how much you desire me. You have undone my bra to reveal my soft naked breasts and you reach your hands round to cup them softly, my nipples feel hard beneath your fingertips and you squeeze my breasts firmly. You whisper in my ear how much you want me...    ... Lexxy3's Bio Page

July 10 :: Hi there!
Hi guys! I'm new here... And i dont know if Im doing good. I'll be happy if u r help me at my begining :) By the way Im danceer, so LETS start to DANCE    ... PlayFullKate's Bio Page

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