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January 28 :: A little role play today^^
Hi there, hot guys! How are you doing today? Are you stressed and need to relax? Yeah baby, you are in the right room! ~_^ Today I am your sailor and I will bring you to the place you want :* If you want, I could be only your sailor today and cum squirting coz only you are the best fucker ever! Have good day, guys:*    ... Filiciy4fun's Bio Page

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January 27 :: New day *^^*
Hi there, hot guys! I've missed you so much! How are you doing today? Im pretty good and feeling very horny..maybe, it's all becouse of red lipstick or so..haha :* So, Im just waiting for you, guys and for spending time with you. Kisses for everyone :*    ... Filiciy4fun's Bio Page

January 26 :: Its me ... The long lost Bri :))))))))))
Hi guys ... I have gotten so many messages wondering if i quit peeks and where i am ... As I told many of you, I started my own business and i never thought it would take off so fast !!!! I have been VERY busy and no time for getting on cam ... Its unfortunate i cant see you guys , i know you miss me and i miss you all as well .... But lucky for me, my business is going GREAT and thats my #1 priority right now:)) As most of you know, i wont divulge any information as to the business I opened , due to too many CRAZY ASS PEOPLE OUT THERE LOL !!! But i will tell you im extremely happy and proud of myself for this accomplishment :))) Im finally doing something i have wanted to do for MANY YEARS and its growing faster than i ever thought it would!!! ... I have already hired employees and everything !!!!!!!! WOOO HOOO :)))))))) I will keep you all posted here and there ... Hugs and kisses .. Now its time for a Vacation :)))) XOXOXOXOXOXOOX STAY WELL !! Love , Bri xoxoxoxo    ... Briannaa's Bio Page

January 25 :: i need u anytime
i need u this time    ... JoyManalese's Bio Page

January 25 :: hmmmmmmmmm
hello guys u wanna try    ... JoyManalese's Bio Page

January 23 :: Something about me
Well, my first hobby is sport. I like watching football and going to the stadium. Also I like spending my free time at gym or dance studio. Trying to keep myself in shape, that's why Im doing bodybuilding. What about dance - I like pole dance and go-go/high heels. Guys, welcome to my room, look, how I can also strip for you *^_^*    ... Filiciy4fun's Bio Page

January 22 :: ^_^
Hello, hot boys! Such in a playfull mood today... mmmm... If you are stressed or so, you can imagine me doing you relaxing massage. Have a nice day with me, guys:* Muah *^^*    ... Filiciy4fun's Bio Page

January 20 :: Nice day!
Hi there:* Weekends have already ended and it's time to work now. Guys. hope, you can have a little bit time with me and relax. By the way, I am in playfull mood today. And also I have the POLE by my side. You can join me to see my hot strip on the POLE! Kisses for everyone :***    ... Filiciy4fun's Bio Page

January 16 :: KiraDivine's Blog
Hi everyone ... This is Kira ... I dont even know what a blog is ... but I hope i will figure it out soon :)))    ... KiraDivine's Bio Page

January 16 :: I have only few hours to play!
HEy Guys! Young and SExy mum here! My Tits full of milk.. Would u like to see and play with then.. and i'm so horny... Lets cum togther.. I;m hot as hell.. I want.. I NEED cum.. I'll show u my best SQIRT show!!!    ... Raychel4U's Bio Page

January 16 :: I have only few hours to play!
HEy Guys! Young and SExy mum here! My Tits full of milk.. Would u like to see and play with then.. and i'm so horny... Lets cum togther.. I;m hot as hell    ... Raychel4U's Bio Page

January 16 :: Weekends soon! ^_^
Hey, guys! Today would be such a saturated day:studying, work, pole dance workout,cooking breakfast for my family and spending time with them. Hope your day is also planned and you have no time to be sad. Enjoy your day with me ^_^ Kisses:**    ... Filiciy4fun's Bio Page

January 16 :: Shall I swallow?
My hazel green eyes watching your responses, your head falls back when I rim med the edge of your head with my pointed pink tongue… Mmmmmmm moaning against you as I run my tongue down the topside of you. Lips pressing that place right above your cock, taking a deep breath inhaling your scent. I start to rock against your calf… Oh fuck, I’m so turned on by you. I continue to worship you, every thick, hard inch of you. Memorizing every vein, every ridge, every curve, every nuance of your cock is burned into my brain. You’re starting to unconsciously thrust against my lips… I take mercy on you and part ruby lips and slowly lower them down, tongue pointed and rimming you again and stroking you on my way down. Nose pressed to belly, moaning around you, inhaling your scent again, trying to swallow your cock down. Hips grinding against your calf, other hand massaging the soaked boys, spreading my saliva all over, massages that sensitive place between your ass and your balls. Mmmmmmmmm gingerly spreading it further back, getting a little bolder, spreads that wetness around your ass. Oh god I’ve made a mess of you. I let my mouth move up sucking hard cheeks hollowing. My free hand grips you again and pumps in rhythm with my mouth. A curious finger travels to your ass again, testing the waters gently probing. Eyes locked with yours, mouth fucking your cock, your hands in my hair. Shall I? Looks for a sign… Circles with wet finger, you barely press back against my finger, gently I press in, massage you, finding that “oh boy” spot, and massage with my finger. I almost cum against your leg I’m so fucking turned on. Your hips are thrusting into my mouth urgently now, your head is thrown back, you are not gentle, but I take it, and I love it. You tell me you’re going to cum, I pump you with my hand, and take you as deep down my throat I can, tears flow from my eyes, as you fuck my throat. My finger still rubbing the oh boy spot, you hold my head down onto you and just flex your hips against my mouth as you cum, I eagerly swallow your precious load. Mmmmmm I love your taste. I gently withdraw my finger on the last waves of your pleasure. I Slide my lips off your semi hard but still throbbing cock, lick every inch of you clean, squeeze you at your base and milk out every bit of you and dip my tongue into your slit for that very last drop of cum.nI look up at you with need, put my hand over yours that was petting my auburn curls in your aftermath, I run your hand down my body, placing it at my dripping core… “Please, Baby”    ... MayaJoy's Bio Page

January 2 :: Where am I?
So fyi everyone my internet is off right now so thats why i havn't been oncam yesterday or today. But I will be on asap at 12 noon vegas time.    ... BreeXXX's Bio Page

December 30 :: Happy Holidays from Chi Town and Las Vegas !!!!!
Had an AMAZING time in Chicago for Christmas and My Family Reunion !!! Really had a BLAST !! SANTA WAS SOOOOOO GOOD TO ME !!! And lucky for me, i missed the really cold weather !!! YAYYYY :)))) IT WAS PERFECT!!! And I surprisingly WON 1ST PLACE for the Peekshows Xmas Eve contest while in Chicago !!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER LOLLLLL!!! AWESOME Surprise from my Special Hunny :)))) Image and video hosting by TinyPic THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!! Now im back in Las Vegas just in time to celebrate NEW YEARS EVE !!! PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TIME ON THE STRIP :)))))))) OHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH !!!! Happy Holidays to ALL OF YOU :)))))) see you in 2015 !!!! Hugs and Kisses Love , Bri xoxox    ... Briannaa's Bio Page

December 30 :: 5 Myths Uncovered About New Models
1 Myth. New models dont know how to make a good show. Why do you think so??? its incide oue souls and running in our blood!! We adore this job and like to have fun here!! Give us a chance)) 2 Myth. All models need only tokens. Really??? Why do you go to your job? Isn't it good to be generous to us?:) Come on guys)) Lets have fun)) Just with tokens fun is better, more interesting and wide field for action!! Want to get hot with us? Get tokens and lets go directly to the action side)) 3 Myth. You can meet the model in real life. Heyyy guys!!! We are here for fun.. fun and fun!!!! If we wanted to meet someone in real we would register on dating area)) Lets have fun in private and in chat)) 4 Myth. Myth about G-Spot!! Yeah right!!! Its true!! We have G-Spot and if you want to know more about it visit our room for some fun))) 5 Myth. Models dont want to go private and want to talk for hours in free chat???? Do you think so? You r not the one we wanna play with!!! Guys lets get hot together, have fun, spend tokens with pleasure and become good firneds with life-long friendship)) We appreciate your attention and we are ready to make you very and very happy!!!    ... AmeriKiss--GiveMeYou's Bio Page

December 28 :: Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
If you're feeling warm today, it's from all the love we're sending your way. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!    ... CarolinaSky's Bio Page

Guys)) Have good new for you!!! I imvited one of my friends to my room and now we can have spectacular and hot fun together!!! Me.. you.. and my girlfriend in our amazing private!! Lets hurry to fuck my friend with me))    ... GingerKiss--Ericca's Bio Page

December 24 :: Happy Holidays to all models !! :*:*
Image and video hosting by TinyPic    ... Alicemoon's Bio Page

December 24 :: Merry Christmas!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic    ... Lady's Bio Page

December 23 :: I wish you Marry cristmas, guys!
Dear men, I wish you a Merry Christmas, Let your heart burns the fire of love! Best wishes from Malika)    ... Malika's Bio Page

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