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November 20 :: I'm so hot today
I love to be teased with lots of kissing and nibbling and caressing. Pleasing you makes me happy and seeing your smile and making you cum hard makes me very happy. Getting to see you C2C gets me super excited!! Come to me and lets have FUn! Kisses    ... HollyDolly4Ux's Bio Page

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Super Happy Dance animated american flag photo: American Flag 398x224.gif
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner :))))))))

Lots a Luv And Big Hugz Holy Crap !!! Im still in shock over last night:)))))))))) That was the funnest night in a long time!!! GoT to spend an hour in private and came back to win the contest !!! WOWOWOWOWOWWOWOWOOWOWOWWWWWWWWWW :)))))))))))))It was definitely a close one LMFAO but we won !!! YEAH BUDDY :)))) Thank you to all the tippers in the room.. Howey, Insane, Frank, and 2 guests for helping me take 1ST PLACE :)) Your the BEST !!! Have a great weekend :))) HUgs and Kisses Love Bri XOXOXOXO    ... Briannaa's Bio Page

November 9 :: Wowwwwwwwwwwww !!! What a great Surprise to win the contest!!! Woooooooooooo Hooooooo Thank you Thank you THANK YOU !!! Made my WHOLE WEEK !!
Super Happy Dance animated american flag photo: American Flag 398x224.gif
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner :)))))))) THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER CONTEST WIN !!!! :)) MADE MY WHOLE WEEK !!! WOOOT WOOOT!!! Hugs and Tons of Kisses ;)))) Love Bri xooxoxox

Lots a Luv And Big Hugz    ... Briannaa's Bio Page

November 7 :: How to be sexy!!!
When you feel sexy, you act sexy. (Cut to you being hit on by every dude you walk past.) 1. Slow Down & Accentuate Without a doubt, the most powerful thing you can do right now to instantly boost your sex appeal is to slow down. When I say slow down, I mean slow down your movements and your speech, not your thinking! 2. Don't Be Afraid To Make Strong Eye Contact If you want to learn how to be sexier, you shouldn't have to trade your dignity and self worth for it, ever. That's why learning how to make strong eye contact is a fantastic way to be sexy and powerful at the same time. The next time you are talking to a guy, try making strong eye contact with him as you are talking. It's a great way to say, "Hey, I'm confident and I know what I like". This is incredibly powerful and attractive to men. 3. There Is A Fine Line Between Sexy & Slutty Often people think that in order to be sexy, they need to dress in the skimpiest, most revealing and slutty clothes they can find. This certainly may attract guys, but it will attract them from the wrong reasons. Unless you are looking for a one night stand, this is not something you're going to want to do. At the same time, it is important to wear clothes that show off the best parts of your body and help to improve your overall look and attractiveness. You need to find a balance between both. The same goes for how your do your hair, make up, jewelry and shoes. 4. Don't Forget To Touch It's no secret that guys are attracted a lot by looks. But as well as looks, another great way to attract them and get their attention in a sexy way is to touch them. Now, this doesn't mean you should be touching them at every single opportunity. 5. Learn How To Build Sexual Tension The last tip that I have for you on how to be sexy is to learn how to effectively build sexual tension. This is something I cover in great depth in this instructional video on talking dirty to build sexual tension. This is actually a lot more powerful than any of the other techniques as it's what will keep guys thinking about you when you're not around. The easiest way to build sexual tension is through teasing your guy, playfighting and generally having fun, all the while maintaining fun and interesting hobbies in your spare time. This is the perfect way to let your man know that you are awesome to be around, like being around him, but don't necessarily need him. In other words, you are saying, "Hey, I like you and I like hanging out with you. But you need to be equally awesome, if I am going to keep hanging out with you." Enjoy your day guys and dont forget...make love not war :D:D:D:    ... MayaJoy's Bio Page

October 31 :: Happy Hallowen!
TiP or Treap ) Hey guys! Lets make me real Cat-Woman.. Lets paint my kittyface.. Wild or tender kitty here? U'll know 1 on 1    ... Tifany4fun's Bio Page

October 29 :: My plans for life.
I have big plans for my life that one day i can have a real estate business. So i can make enough money to buy myself a big hugh house, a nice car and put money away for my children college fund.    ... BeverlyDianna's Bio Page

October 27 :: What a weekend!
Its def been great to be back! ive enjoyed gettinng to meet alot of u guys and have fun! this past weekend has been one of the funniest sexiest and greatest yet! Makes me very happy to sign on knowing u guys will be there to chat make me smile and have a good time.. So needless to say i spent most of my weekend on here with u wonderful guys. Watched football yesterday with my family n friends. i hope everyones team did well. School today went quick im doing well in all my classes. im def looking forward to halloween this friday!! ill def have some surprises for that day on here!! So i hope to see all u studs here or i might just cry my eyes out. its the beginning to manys work week, i hope everyone has a happy monday!! ill be waiting for ya to relax ya down on here. =) love, Victoria Deville    ... VictoriaDeville's Bio Page

October 25 :: Meeting that Mr. wonderful
Hi this Beverly Dianna and one of my fantasies is for that wonderful gentermen to spend quanity time with me and to make me feel special. And to take care of me    ... BeverlyDianna's Bio Page

October 24 :: Im back in saddle again!!
well after a lil vaca from life ive made my triumphant return!! its def. great to be back n enjoy everyones company. i missed a lot of u guys def! i ook forwa our tiea we share here. its a great experence an i enjoy meeting all u guy from all over the world! so with that said ill fill u in a lil. the past few weeks since ive been gone things have been really crazy!! ive started a complete new chapter of my life where i can give alot more of my time to u lovely gentlemen!! i can say im very happy with where lifes leading me, and look forward to this aventure. new things can be scary but we all must take risks to learn n grow... now im totally ready to take the plung and dive in first no fear just positive vibes n good feelings!! so with that said im very very very glad to be back. lets make the most of this n our lives!! cuz tomorrow is never promised. mwa!    ... VictoriaDeville's Bio Page

October 16 :: my pussy so wet
hey guys! do u like wet pussies? if so then u shold come here and making it cum.. i like to be licked by the way    ... Diora4Kiss's Bio Page

October 13 :: :)
I wish u al the best, guys! :* muah    ... MarissaGarcia's Bio Page

October 12 :: So horny
my pussy so fucking wet right now... i need Ur hard dick.. Come to me.. slide it deep inside me.. Lets CUM togther.. REady for my SQUIRT show?    ... Diora4Kiss's Bio Page

October 10 :: Im all yours.
Let me tease you, let me strip for you so i can get your cock very hard and then we can get it on! We can do anything you like. Show me your cam and we ll cum together. Toys, role play, deep throat.. anything you desire. Im all yours.    ... Diora4Kiss's Bio Page

October 3 :: welcome
I'm a girl who constantly struggle for their goals and like to earn her things. If someone wants to give me a gift they can, that does not bother me, no matter how much it is the important thing is the deed. I think we all know why we're here you want fun, on occasion company and other times just have someone to talk to As for me, I want tokens, private as you see fit.    ... WildestKitten's Bio Page

October 2 :: out of town- u never know who you're ging to meet ;)
being back home is great and all, but its crazy to see how everything has changed. some things we wish would stay the same, and some changes are exciting to see, but as always, there's no place like home. lol ill be back in a few days :)    ... MayaHoney's Bio Page

September 30 :: To my slave...
You are not allowed to see me untill i give you permission to do it, you are not allowerd to say any word untill i let you! You are pathric worn and dont deserve even to exist beside of me. You will do everything i tell you! You are my slave...    ... SalmaCain's Bio Page

September 27 :: why Im here?
I`m here for you so please dont be afraid to tell me of any kind of things u like and i will be very happy to make that happen for you . I`m very open minded and willing to please and yet up to any challenge sono need to be shy with me , just tell me what you like and we are off to have some great fun !!))))    ... CarolinaSky's Bio Page

September 23 :: graduated!!!
this is a feeling i cant explain! some can relate and some cant wait to be there, but these past 2 years have been intense! i am now a certified pastry chef, and have an associates degree. i cant wait to be in my firsdt bakery, ive been a cook (savory) for over 2 years and still have a lot to learn, but with 2 full time, 1 part time jobs and full time school, these 2 years have been an obstacle..and i kicked its ass! i think this calls for a shot or 2 ;)    ... MayaHoney's Bio Page

September 21 :: i need u anytime
i need u this time    ... JoyManalese's Bio Page

September 20 :: How to talk dirty to a guy
10 sexy tips to talk dirty with a guy Want to turn your guy on and give him a huge erection while making love to him? Just use these 10 tips to talk dirty with him. Learn to control his big head and his little head with your words and he’ll always be excited to have sex and talk dirty with you. #1 Speak your mind when you’re horny. While having sex, almost all the time, you’d find that there are a lot of naughty things that pass through your head. If you can think it, say it to your man. If you’re aroused, it’s definitely going to sound dirty. #2 What if he was a friend or a one night stand? Learning to talk dirty to a guy is all about indulging in an active imagination. What are the fantasies that arouse you? Just imagine he was a sexy friend who you ended up having sex with when you were drunk. Or imagine he’s a hot guy you’re having a one night stand with. How would you feel? Wouldn’t sex feel awesome and your orgasms feel better if you were having sex with a stranger all of a sudden? Imagine that and talk to him about it. #3 Talk like you’re having an affair. How would it feel if both of you were having an amorous affair? The sexiest way to talk dirty to a guy is by fantasizing about passionate moments that are risqué. Say something like “if I was having an affair with a guy like you, I’d get wet just watching you…” to add a few more sexy personal lines to your sexy stories. #4 Describe your dirty thoughts. Want to arouse a guy even before you get to the act in bed? Whisper what you’d do to him as soon as you get some time alone with him into his ears when he’s driving and on the way home. As long as you go into all the intimate details, it’ll always be perfect dirty talk. #5 Moan and let him know you like it. At times, you don’t need words to talk dirty to a guy. When you’re making love to your man, show your appreciation with wet gasps and moans. As long as you go ‘aaah’ each time he thrusts you deep, it’ll give him the same horny boost as sexy talk. #6 It’s not always what you say. Say anything sexy, but whisper it in his ears softly and breathlessly. It’s not always what you say to him to turn him on, but how you say it that makes all the difference. Don’t giggle or try to look sweet. Look sexy, feel confident with your own body and moves, and just drop a few sexy words while biting his ear. #7 Party favors. Talking dirty about a wild party is always a huge turn on. Parties are sexy and sweaty. While having sex, dirty talk to him about the sexy things you’d do to him if both of you were at a crowded club and everyone else was too busy to notice the dirty things you’re doing to him. #8 Don’t trash talk. Don’t trash talk unless you like it and so does your boyfriend or husband. For most guys, moaning unnecessarily or making extremely aroused facial expressions for no reason can be a sexual turn off. It may work in the nudie movies. It doesn’t always work in real life unless your boyfriend looks at you like a sexy piece of meat. When feelings are involved in bed, use your imagination and get him thinking. It’ll arouse your man more and create better dirty talking opportunities. #9 Use crude words only if he likes it. Calling each other a bitch and a dog could excite a few *animal lovers*, not everyone else. If you like it, use it a couple of times and see if your man reciprocates by calling you something indecent in return. If he doesn’t say anything or looks surprised, don’t worry about it and just switch to some other kind of dirty talk. #10 Talk about a memory. Can you recollect any sexy incidents that always turn both of you on? Perhaps, the time when you almost got caught, or the last time you gave him a road head? Imagining and recreating a sexy memory like the first time you had sex with him or let him fondle your breasts through dirty talk can be extremely arousing and connecting for both of you.    ... MayaJoy's Bio Page

September 19 :: I've been gone for along time but returning back home!
To all m friends I'm coming back to make your fantasies come true!!I'm bringing with me a friend I will let you know when she is ready to make here first online appearance!Well back to me I am cuming on tonight I am the school girl returning .Think of me as your online bartender cum talk to me ,I'll make you cum like never before!cum Check me out ,you favorite female mouse in the kingdom is the first one up! I have my silly pink rabbit with many speeds to help me cum the way you want me to cum!!!    ... XXXBoytoyXXX's Bio Page

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