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December 18 :: Hello to all )
Hello! I`m funny and beautiful girl. Let`s get fun! ;)    ... CoralGalaxy's Bio Page

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December 17 :: Happy Holidays !!!!! XOXOXOXOOXOX
HI Guys , I will be online tonight for only about 1 hour, then tomorrow night for 2 hrs, Then im off for a 2 week Vacation to my Christmas Family Reunion in CHI TOWN :)))))))))))))))) I wont be back online till Next year !!! WOOO HOOO !!! Wishing you ALL a wonderful holiday and a VERY Merry Christmas :)))))) Hugs and Many Kisses Love Brianna P.s I will Take TONS of pics while im there , to share with everyone :)))))))) XOXOXOXO    ... Briannaa's Bio Page

December 13 :: My favorite erotic story
Sandra Jacob was the president of the Parents Circle High School in Jackson Valley. She was 36 years. She was very sexy, was 175 cm tall. She was wonderful, medium sized breasts swaying slightly while walking. It was just perfect. She liked to dress up so as to accentuate your figure. Her son Aaron was embarrassed by it. The school drew the attention of all his colleagues. She was a frequent target of their "wet dreams". Her delicate, fair skin contrasted with the dark red hair that flowed down her shoulders and back where he reached the buckle bra. I just finished organizing the solemn occasion of the adoption of the end of the school year. Teachers, students and parents met to discuss the past year. Traditionally, teachers and parents went out after two hours, and then the students partied late into the night. Everything happened in a local club. Sandra wondered what to wear for the ceremony. Because it was a hot summer day decided on white cotton, very short skirt that revealed her waist. She did not think that it could somehow be risky: it reveals only her belly and is long enough to cover what you need. But tight blouse emphasized her sexy shapes. Well - after all, she was a woman. Her bra should not be visible unless under the blouse. Founded on the skimpy panties shorts (very short) in khaki. With her husband Rick often in love with unexpected situations and liked to be prepared and dressed sexy. When she returns from adoption, Rick is in the house. And their son still will not - will then be at the party ... excited at the thought, "No, I can not think about it now, just wait until the evening," - she thought. Even painted her full lips lipstick, she founded and white shoes and went to the living room where he was waiting for her son AAron. "Mom!" he shouted. "You can not go!" "What, my son?" she asked. "You can see yours, yours - you can see it clearly!" She turned and looked in the mirror. Her nipples visibly protruded through clothing. I really could not do this now done, and knew it would be because of this attraction for the boys at the party. "What do you want me to do, Aaron? I wear a sweater? The weather is 30 degrees! Go to the car!" "No. I will not go with you when you look like." "Well, so do what you want." She went out to the garage and got into the car. When she came to the place, she noticed that the adoption has already begun. He was the buzz, the students talked and laughed. She got a drink, sat down and started talking with a group of teachers. A friend Aaron noticed her coming and told others about it. Wodzili looked after her long, slender legs, shapely hips and sexy curves of the above. Drew attention to her tight blouse. Only regret that she was not wearing a skirt-mini. Perhaps could then podpatrzeć which is underneath. One boy, Jeff, he thought that he could see everything that night what she wears underneath. Parents and students began to disperse. Sandra drank some alcohol, which was administered only to adults at the club and did not feel the best to lead. Only a few weak drinks, but still enough to drive a car. When thinking what to do, Jeff took her by the arm. "Mrs. Jacobs, I talked to other guys and we would like to have a little lady was. We had the opportunity to talk with you and you have going out." Sandra thought it was a good idea to wait a bit before you go home. She smiled. Jeff's eyes rounded when closely looked at her full lips and lower in the round breasts, erect nipples that Jeff would like to have in his mouth yet tonight. She followed him back to the table. Someone handed her a drink. She thought it was pure juice. But she was so dizzy with alcohol, she did not notice that it was juice with alcohol. Jeff, Joe and Sean sat around her. She sat between Joe and Sean, opposite Jeff. Joe started to say something to her. In order to better hear Sandra bowed her head in his direction. Then Sean approached her on the other side. He smelled her body and his cock began to stiffen. He began to fantasize that he loves her, comes into her ... He looked at Jeff, and he knew that look. Sandra gave another drink. She drank it. She had not noticed that give her getting stronger drinks. Now, I certainly could not carry on. She began to flirt with the boys. Boys at this age it a little excitement. They also began to flirt with her. She told a joke and everyone laughed. Then Sean approached her even more. Slowly, gently hugged her with one hand. Sandra did not pay any attention. Jeff showed Sandra bottle of rum and asked if she wanted to be the drink. "Rum? You should not drink this alcohol." "Oh, Mrs. Jacobs. Everyone is drinking. You have to celebrate the end of the school year." "Okay, but only one shot." The boys looked at each other happy. All the excitement felt nice. "Ms. Jacobs, the event moves to the beach, not far from here. Let's go with the others." "I really can not. My husband is waiting at home and you really have to go." "How do you want to do it. You can not lead." "You're right. I'll take a cab." "How is it going to look like when teachers come to know that you got drunk on a student admission and left the car at the club?" "It is true," She looked embarrassed. She had a real problem. "Let's just 15 minutes to the beach. Things have some fun with the other, then we will take Ms. home, we're not drunk yet. Joe will drive you car behind us." "Thanks Jeff. You saved me." She put her arm around him. He smiled at his colleagues, and he felt an erection, rub against her leg. He felt her warmth and smell of her hair. He imagined it like sucking his dick slips it into her mouth to the root. He gave her another portion of rum. She protested, but he said it was the last bottle and wish to be wasted. She knew that she would soon be at home and go to sleep so she drank. Alcohol is not good yet started work on it, but led her to the car. It was getting dark. They came to the beach, but there were empty. Sean spread a blanket on the sand. She looked Sandra "Where is everybody?" She already had minor problems with talking and walking. Joe helped her come out of the car on a blanket. "They will come in a moment," Jeff lied. Do not wait any longer said: "Sandra, you know how beautiful you are?" he asked. She turned so suddenly that she fell to the blanket. She wanted to get up, but it was too difficult. The world was spinning in her head. As he lay, Jeff took her arm and said, "In a moment you will feel much better." He kissed her hard. He felt the warmth of her lovely lips and slid his tongue between them. He stepped back and looked at her. Was flushed but said nothing. Sean smiled as he approached, knelt beside her, and then she felt his hands on his knees, wandering up the inner thighs and slowly sliding into the leg of her shorts. Joe turned her onto her back, while fondling her breasts through clothing and then unbuttoned blouse button. One, two, three ... revealing her full breasts dressed in white, skimpy bra reserved only for her husband. Her pink nipples showing through the delicate little crown. This is after the boys had not expected. Found a bra clasp on the front and it spreads. Her breasts are freed already showing large protruding nipples erect. When Sean took up her shorts, Joe and Jeff began to lick and suck each one breast. Sandra did not know what was going on. These three boys took her, and she could not move. She wished she did not stop it before, now it was not possible. To make matters worse as the boys caressed her nipples, she became more and more excited. Her pussy began to throb. Was betrayed by his own body. She felt it slip shorts. Sean has promised that if they clothe her mouth it will not. Was secured, and knew that they did not have a condom. Agreed. She had to lead them to not to ejaculate mouth flew her and not let down at her. She turned to the side. She took the hand of the penis Sean, she closed her eyes and slipped it into her mouth. Began to slowly suck, I never did before. Meanwhile, Jeff took up her panties. While caressing her pussy through the material. He noted that it had become wet. He slipped his hand under the panties and entered her with one finger, two ... She moaned. After a moment, she felt as Jeff slid her panties. She knew that Sean has not interrupt occurs and to see what happens. Next sucked passionately until Sean started to moan. Jeff slid her panties to the cube until it took off at all. He parted her legs slightly. Again he began to caress her fingers. One, two, three ... She was getting wetter. Moaned slightly. Because she did not protest as soon as Sean lead to ejaculation. His breathing was getting harder, he was getting closer. Sandra sucked him harder. And then fired. At the last minute she pulled it from the paragraph. Fell on his back. Sperm gushed over her face, neck, bare breasts. Sean kissed her on the lips, hand rubbing cum on her breasts. She was incredibly stiff nipples. She must be very excited. Jeff advancing her pussy fingers also noticed. Juices liberally moistened her pussy. "She wants it, is wet!" said the other. One of the movement slid his pants, gaping her legs. His penis stuck incredibly taut. He knelt over her on all fours. Left hip, while the glans was wiping her mink. "No, Jeff!" groaned. One movement entered her. Slipped a little, then came even deeper, to the very end. Sandra sighed deeply. Fucked her rhythmically and decisively. Sliding up and entering the entire depth. Her body trembled in the rhythm of his movements. He kissed her hard on the mouth. Licked her neck, he could smell her body. His muscular torso pressed her to the ground. He felt under me two wonderful soft peach with rigid wyprężonymi nipples. His breathing became heavy. He whispered in her ear: "Oh, Sandy. I love you so to speak, sweet. I want to drain my sperm in you. Are you ready?" "Oh God, please do not." but I just felt like a member of the 17-year-old Jeff vibrates rhythmically into her pussy. Huge heat spilled inside her and pumped her his seed. For a while it was moving, more slowly, gently. She could not defend themselves. Well, that she had an orgasm, and she was very close. She would not give them the satisfaction. Jeff stood up and Joe took his place. Wyprężonym member slid slowly while sucking her one nipple. Her excitement grew again. She felt he was going to be orgasm, whether he wants to or not. Was close to orgasm when Joe started to fuck her harder and harder. She began to struggle. Joe suddenly pulled away. She tried to get up, but it was Joe count. At one point, he turned and pushed her so that she was now on all fours. Leaped to her from behind. Entered her and began to fuck her from behind. While his hands caressed her breasts. This position stimulate her clitoris even more than before. She knew she did not resist any longer. After a short time she moaned and rocked them orgasmic spasms delicate flesh. Joe felt her hot throbbing pussy. When it stopped, stepped out of it and then some was moving her fingers, feeling her juices. "Hold it." told colleagues. Jeff and Sandra Sean They held tight. She was still in a position on all fours. Joe parted her buttocks with his hands exploring her anus. "No," she cried. But nothing it would not help. His member, all slick with her juices pupcię approached. First came just a little bit, after a while, a little ... deeper into her tight virgin hole. He waited until a little expands and adapts to his penis, then entered her for the entire depth. The first movements performed slowly, watching as his penis disappears into the keyhole. He felt that it is cramped, hot and knew her like it. He began to move it a little bit faster and more violently. Excitement grew in it again. Ass radiated heat from the entire body. Again she tried to suppress. Sean began his fingers caress her mink. Again became wet. Joe fucked her already tight, and Sean was moving her fingers further. Sandra prevented orgasm coming with all his might. She did not want them to feel that again climaxes when so fac her here on the sand. But then joined Jeff. He turned her head toward you and kissed her on the lips. Clung to her and push the tongue into her mouth. It was like a hot kiss passionate lovers. In addition, he began to fondle her breasts. The nipples have long stuck in the feint. This was a drop of infusing cup of pleasure. Strong spasms of orgasm rocked her body again. They felt it all. Almost at the same time Joe fired inside her hot load of cum, filled it all, a little leaked out. Jeff walked away, but the other two still it was moving slowly, gently. Then the camera flash blinded her, then a second and a third. Jeff took a Polaroid photo and did them. "What are you doing, stop." she screamed. After a moment, watching the pictures themselves as naked on the beach is Cut by two friends son. "Do not worry, no one will see these photos." Jeff reassured her. "Provided that you'll be a good girl and you go out with us for the next date ..."    ... Rebeca25's Bio Page

December 12 :: I have over 15 toys for pleasure
I have many fantasies and hope for yours for pleasure. I like experiments. I like sex in public; I am getting very excited to be watched. I am bi and like sex in 3. I cum with squirt if horny enough. I have many toys: 3 big dildos, 2 glass dildos, 2 toys for clit, over 10 toys for ass. I like anal, double penetration. I can suck very-very deep, true deep throat. I adore drinking sperm... Well, I think itís not the end of my desires and possibilities :)) come on and check it, I am waiting for your propositions    ... FatalPassion's Bio Page

December 9 :: I've just added 3 new free movies
Its my 1st week on this site and I hope to meet interesting people here and spend great time every chat session. I've added 3 free movies for your pleasure to know me better. I am waiting for you in my room. I am going to add some new free movies every day during this week. kiss you and hope to see soon.    ... FatalPassion's Bio Page

December 3 :: kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss    ... SunRise's Bio Page

December 2 :: I am new here
Hey, I am new here. Its my 1st week like a webcam model. I hope to meet interesting persons here and spend great time    ... FatalPassion's Bio Page

December 1 :: What's our life?
What is our life? It is a game, isn't so? And as more twisted the plot as more it intrigue us. It is like in chess, when you (silly) think that your opponent is a weak in game but oh God, what is going on?! - you get famous Babe Mat. Or maybe it's like in poker, when you see other player is bluffing, but you havethe Royal Flush on your hands! People say, who doesn't risk - that do not drink champagne. But then how much champagne are you ready to drink? HaHa. And it's the question that we always have to ask from ourself , if we need that or other one game? Do we like if we win but no happiness then? I can bet if you ask what a shit I am talking about. I don't know. Maybe because it's my whole life to be part of that game. Or maybe because I afraid to be looser in some parts. aybe because I love life from all sides it lets us to use and I want to take it all. At the end of my post I shell give you few words : it's translation for my poetry (so take only a sense, please, don't look on form)..................... Our life is a game And we are just pawns. To become a Queen is not given to everyone. To live without losses and injuries Attempt is unsuccessful. We all are actors of own film. Love is not given to everyone. Suffering is the fate of many. At least once we cry from the offense. We beckons the number seven In the absence of all logics. And mind starts talking to itself. There is an old cinema again. We're Scrolling a tape, Reading the titles aloud, not for ourself. But there is in thoughts To pass by that chessboard And to become the Queen, saving the king......................... Yours truly, La    ... Lady's Bio Page

November 30 :: Penis size
Iíve seen a million times on every different blog, anyone who posts questions, anyone who answers them, anyone who gives advice. Iím positive itís the most commonly asked question Iíve ever seen, related to sex. "Does size matter?" Iím here to tell you the answer.. No. How do I know? Let me tell you. Because any man can (should) make a woman cum multiple times, before he even has his pants off. Penis size is so unimportant, because if you can work your tongue on her clit, and fingers on her g-spot, and have her soaked with her own juices, cumming in waves, so gasping in pleasure that you could slip a pencil in her and make her cum. So, when sheís already drenched, her eyes glazed over, her voice hoarse and raspy from screaming your name, Godís name, Fuckís name.. and any other name that possessed her while you were going down on her making her cum, and you drop your pants at that moment. It doesnít matter if youíre 3 inches or 10, sheís gonna just fucking gasp. Not because of how big it is, but because she knows itís going to make her cum again. And again. Now, if you have a 3-4 inch penis, and you flip a woman face down, ass up and pound her g-spot.. even 3-4 inches is Ďlong enoughí. If youíre 7-8 inches, you hit her a-spot in that same position, then thatís long enough. If youíre bigger.. good for you, but be mindful it might be too much. Whatever you do, donít ask her if itís Ďthe right size' because it kills the mood faster than your mom walking in on you. The day you drop your pants after making a woman cum over and over and do it with confidence, truly is the day you are a man. Insecurity is not sexy. When you drop your pants, drop them with confidence. Regardless of what youíre packin    ... MayaJoy's Bio Page

November 30 :: hello :)
decide to begin talk to you guys, cause miss u a lot when do not online. Now is winter and all I want is to be near fireplace with bottle of wine and strong man near me. A lot of gentle kisses....I want him to take care of my body. I want to be wet and to feel the warm of wire on my nipples, my pussy. And then deep moah....and both of us cum And then want to repeat it again and again...again and again.....!!!!    ... BlackCherry's Bio Page

November 29 :: Private Show Reward
Hey Guys! I got a little promotion here for you.

I'm usually a private show only model, I occasionally come online for free chat. I know it makes it hard for you to decide if you would like to take me private without a free preview first.

So to incentivize you clicking that little go private button, for every 5 minutes you spend with me in private chat I will send you one custom naughty XXX picture, of whatever you want to see! Pics are sent via Private Messages and are watermarked with your screen name! So it's 100% made for you!

Does that sound good to you?! It does to me, so what are you waiting for! When you see me online, take me private!

Lots of Love
Claes xoxoxoxo

*all photos are for personal use only and may not be redistributed without my explicit consent, whether for personal gain or social networking*    ... ClaesCummings's Bio Page

November 27 :: Thanksgiving
Who am I? Who is Lady? Who is that woman whom you probably know as La? First time I came on camsite in February, 2003. Oh! I loved it from first minutes I came on!:)I loved the way guys took me/ It was pleasure to be loved by such perfect gentlemen I met on my first days. Maybe I wouldn't stay on cam so long time if guys wouldn't treat me as Lady. That's how they named me first. Since that all thet time when I come online I feel myself as special one. A while ago I had some long break from cam for some reason, but what did I get after returning! Again and again I meet Gentlemen (old friends and new people), and again and again I am feeling as number one for some of guys. Isn't it that happiness twhen you know that you are needed to someone. And it is enough for me. And this day I want to give my Thanks to all of them , to all of you, who make my days, my hours, my minutes on cam brighter, lighter and happier! And from my side I'll do my best to make same to you. With love, from all my heart, La.    ... Lady's Bio Page

November 27 :: Happy Thanksgiving!
Commercial Photography    ... Lady's Bio Page

November 27 :: Happy Thanksgiving!
Commercial Photography    ... Lady's Bio Page

November 26 :: Gobble Gobble Gobble :))))
I was planning to be online tonight but family came to town earlier than expected , so ill see you all next week :))) Have a Great Thanksgiving !!!! Hugs and Kisses Love Bri XOXOXOXO    ... Briannaa's Bio Page

November 26 :: 26 Nov 2014
Dear diary..this is my first day online(in front of a webcam and on an adult website). I hope it will be a good start for me because i wanna stay here as long as i can and ofc as long as all of you will want me here...and i m sure you ll never get bored of me. What can i say about me: i m Aiuni and i was born i Finland. I love fashion and now i study harder to be a great make-up artist. I wait you in my room to know eachother better. PS: i love to tease and i love my ass..but take me easy please cause i m new so i ll make only what makes me feel comfy. See you..kiss    ... Aiuni's Bio Page

November 20 :: I'm so hot today
I love to be teased with lots of kissing and nibbling and caressing. Pleasing you makes me happy and seeing your smile and making you cum hard makes me very happy. Getting to see you C2C gets me super excited!! Come to me and lets have FUn! Kisses    ... HollyDolly4Ux's Bio Page

Super Happy Dance animated american flag photo: American Flag 398x224.gif
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner :))))))))

Lots a Luv And Big Hugz Holy Crap !!! Im still in shock over last night:)))))))))) That was the funnest night in a long time!!! GoT to spend an hour in private and came back to win the contest !!! WOWOWOWOWOWWOWOWOOWOWOWWWWWWWWWW :)))))))))))))It was definitely a close one LMFAO but we won !!! YEAH BUDDY :)))) Thank you to all the tippers in the room.. Howey, Insane, Frank, and 2 guests for helping me take 1ST PLACE :)) Your the BEST !!! Have a great weekend :))) HUgs and Kisses Love Bri XOXOXOXO    ... Briannaa's Bio Page

November 9 :: Wowwwwwwwwwwww !!! What a great Surprise to win the contest!!! Woooooooooooo Hooooooo Thank you Thank you THANK YOU !!! Made my WHOLE WEEK !!
Super Happy Dance animated american flag photo: American Flag 398x224.gif
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner :)))))))) THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER CONTEST WIN !!!! :)) MADE MY WHOLE WEEK !!! WOOOT WOOOT!!! Hugs and Tons of Kisses ;)))) Love Bri xooxoxox

Lots a Luv And Big Hugz    ... Briannaa's Bio Page

November 7 :: How to be sexy!!!
When you feel sexy, you act sexy. (Cut to you being hit on by every dude you walk past.) 1. Slow Down & Accentuate Without a doubt, the most powerful thing you can do right now to instantly boost your sex appeal is to slow down. When I say slow down, I mean slow down your movements and your speech, not your thinking! 2. Don't Be Afraid To Make Strong Eye Contact If you want to learn how to be sexier, you shouldn't have to trade your dignity and self worth for it, ever. That's why learning how to make strong eye contact is a fantastic way to be sexy and powerful at the same time. The next time you are talking to a guy, try making strong eye contact with him as you are talking. It's a great way to say, "Hey, I'm confident and I know what I like". This is incredibly powerful and attractive to men. 3. There Is A Fine Line Between Sexy & Slutty Often people think that in order to be sexy, they need to dress in the skimpiest, most revealing and slutty clothes they can find. This certainly may attract guys, but it will attract them from the wrong reasons. Unless you are looking for a one night stand, this is not something you're going to want to do. At the same time, it is important to wear clothes that show off the best parts of your body and help to improve your overall look and attractiveness. You need to find a balance between both. The same goes for how your do your hair, make up, jewelry and shoes. 4. Don't Forget To Touch It's no secret that guys are attracted a lot by looks. But as well as looks, another great way to attract them and get their attention in a sexy way is to touch them. Now, this doesn't mean you should be touching them at every single opportunity. 5. Learn How To Build Sexual Tension The last tip that I have for you on how to be sexy is to learn how to effectively build sexual tension. This is something I cover in great depth in this instructional video on talking dirty to build sexual tension. This is actually a lot more powerful than any of the other techniques as it's what will keep guys thinking about you when you're not around. The easiest way to build sexual tension is through teasing your guy, playfighting and generally having fun, all the while maintaining fun and interesting hobbies in your spare time. This is the perfect way to let your man know that you are awesome to be around, like being around him, but don't necessarily need him. In other words, you are saying, "Hey, I like you and I like hanging out with you. But you need to be equally awesome, if I am going to keep hanging out with you." Enjoy your day guys and dont forget...make love not war :D:D:D:    ... MayaJoy's Bio Page

October 31 :: Happy Hallowen!
TiP or Treap ) Hey guys! Lets make me real Cat-Woman.. Lets paint my kittyface.. Wild or tender kitty here? U'll know 1 on 1    ... Tifany4fun's Bio Page

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